Experiments In Color & Magic


I find certain magic happens in those last minutes we're in our art spaces - when there's paint left on the palette that we just can't waste, paper we'd usually never use but have close by, when there isn't much time left and we want to squeeze out the most creative juice we can before playtime is over. 

If you follow my Instagram feed (or Facebook), you get a little peek into my process (and usually the mess I make while playing!); I take a LOT of pictures while working - to gain perspective on what I'm doing, to document the process so I can repeat it, and yes...to have blog photos!  

Anyway, over the next week, I'll be sharing the work I've been giddy over - stuff I look at when I'm done and can't help but smile. It's awesome when we create art journal pages we love, but it's brilliant when we can't stop making more!  

I decided to stick with a set color palette for two sessions. Why? To see all the different ways I could incorporate the colors! I wanted to see how they behave as part of my own little class on color theory and experimentation!  



Here are the colors I used:

neon red/teal green/bright aqua green/yellow ocher/dark titanium white/white

Oh, and to paint with? Catalyst tools! Just the small and medium of the grey tools, and the blue wedge. That's it!  

Here are some progress shots of my first experiments with this all! 



And here are two finished paintings! Final details were added with gouache & I pulled out the silver leaf! I was working on ledger paper and half-finished canvases in the studio...and don't be afraid to mess something up in order to keep playing! 




Both are available, and I'll be making prints soon! 

Friday, I'll have more eye candy for you all!  


On Searching Within for What to Paint

Here is a piece of advice I’ve read in two books lately: 

Create what you know.

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice given to writers. Write what you know. But have you applied that to your own art and journals? 

I haven’t. Heck, I haven’t even taken an inventory. What subjects/people/things do I know the most about? What have I studied? What lights up my imagination? What was I drawn to before art became my obsession/passion? 

(And don’t worry about that word obsession. Having a healthy obsession with your work, with your journal, is a good thing.) 

So I sat down to figure it out. 


(This list remains a work in progress.) 

And thus, when asked what I would paint on the little ceramic piece I’d created a background on, I said, 

“A unicorn. I love unicorns, so why the heck aren’t I painting them?” 

And I did. 


What do you love? What are you an authority on? Why aren’t you painting/writing that? 


I am considering making more of these. How cute, right? I want to paint more of the things I loved in childhood, that fly through my dreams, that are full of magic. What are our unicorns these days? What is YOUR unicorn?