I created a set of brushes to use for Hodgepodge #2's layout, and thought, "Why not share 'em?" I do want to get into making more things like this, so what better way to start than to just make it real!

Yep! For Photoshop! You use these just like stamps, but digitally! When you open your brushes palette, there's a little > at the top right -- click it, and then go to Load Brushes. Select this file and you're all set!

Download the set here on my DeviantArt page!


While playing around with new gifts and products, I made a randomness collage (what I call pages created for the purpose of being cut up) on some Claudine Hellmuth Stick-Back Canvas.

Which rocks, btw. At first, I was skeptical, since it curled pretty fast. But the thing dried and now lies completely flat. I have the white canvas, and didn't gesso it before working, so I got some great watercolor-like effects going with my fluid acrylics.

It is now off to be run through my new Cuttlebug for bits to be added to journal pages, paintings, and even fabric fun!

Download Image [15mb, PNG]

The Fine Print: Please feel free to print out and use this randomness collage on any of your projects. You can even use it in a painting and sell it! Just don't alter the original, including cut it into pieces or change colors, in order to sell it. It is a gift!