My name is Samie and I am a creative girl.

I have been creating since those first years painting with watercolors alongside my mother in the kitchen of our little house. For awhile, I thought I'd never be able to draw, paint, or work in the visual arts. I soon learned this was false, and now I work daily in my art journals, sketchbooks, & on large paintings to share my experience of growing up in the 21st century, where technology and magic intersect . 



I don’t want to change the world — I want to change your world. I want to show you the path I’m embarking on that has me happier, more energetic, & more creative than ever before. I want to be one of the people you think of when your illness, emotional breaks, or less-than-ideal circumstances have you saying, “I can’t possibly do art because ______________.” I want you to then say, “But Samie does it despite of ________________.”

The Work:  

The Work consists of my patchwork career: artist, writer, teacher, video producer & editor, & businesswoman. Every day, I do at least one thing to further the Work. 

I am striving to create both a physical and digital record of my experience of living in this time. I create videos for both myself and others, pulling from my BA in Television Production and nearly 7 years working as a freelance video editor for both established small businesses and individual artists. 

I bring an established artist's eye and knowledge of online community, video hosting, and the structure of online courses and offerings to my work, and have a proven workflow that guarantees to present your tutorial, class, or production in the best possible light & angle. Leaving me to edit your project means you get to spend more time creating and less time agonizing over how to edit together video and package it for online viewing. 

With nearly two dozen published articles, interviews, and features under my belt, along with 12 years writing experience, I aim to use my words to relate the process and life-lessons the creative life teach. I offer insight and a short cut through the woods to those eager to follow along on the artists' path.  

Advocacy & Support:

Diagnosed with a chronic illness at a young age, I have gone through the roller coaster of emotions -- the peaks and valleys that come with a life less in your control. Art saved me, and continues to show me an easier, more joyous way through. I aim to lead others to a happier life through art, and offer support and a community for those living with chronic illnesses wishing to deepen their artistic abilities. 


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