Find your magic

Let me tell you, getting off social media for awhile and doing your own thing is awesome. And ever since, I've spent less time on IG and FB. But! When I do spend time, I write lots of comments & spread love! It makes it so much more fun and rewarding!


I just wanted to show you the journal spread I finished last night. Lots of layering in here, and learning how colors work and light temperature. Notice all the notes I've written on the page; these are so I can navigate the next one easier. 

I am so totally in love with these markers again, and not to color things in. There's so much to learn about color and layering and how it can be applied to acrylic glazes. I'm putting together a post for you guys, but for now, I'm going to color and try to do a drawing for Inktober!


If you were to page through my journal for this project, I might wave you through this one quickly so I could show the rest of the pretty pages I've been able to make. 

And when I did this with a friend recently, they flipped back and said, "I want to see ALL the pages!"


Reluctantly, I turned back and let her look them over. "Why don't you like these?" 

"Because they aren't my best. I was experimenting and things didn't happen right. They're simple and silly; just look at that odd abstract!"

But something lovely happened as she ran her hands down the pages...her love for them allowed me to see them in a different light. I could see all those little details I had loved, and down to the ideas I was trying to say with each. 

The light in someone's eyes when they Can I bottle that up for a rainy day? As she looked further, she said, "You're going to make me cry!"

There's no better compliment than that! I need to get over myself and SHARE more! So here's the spread that I didn't like, you know, for the project.  

Numbers  19 & 20!