I wanted to write a manifesto for this upcoming year and a project that’s dear to my heart, so I sat down at my trusty typewriter and pulled together everything I’m striving for. 

I call it The Creative Warrior.  

(Inspired and adapted from Celtic Women's Spirituality by Edain McCoy)


Creativity and journaling has saved my life, and I’m sure it’s saved many of yours, too. For this upcoming year, I wanted to expand on what I started with Art Journal Diary. Since launching that course, I’ve been taking notes and putting together new things as a response to all the lovely emails and comments I received. 

Being accepted by a group of women I was with made all the difference. I didn’t have to hide my illness or act “normal,” and if I needed a break, I could go without embarrassment (in fact, when I did get up, I was wished well and told to feel better!). I was asked after and cared for (our meals were cooked, and with my new dietary restrictions, I was afraid I’d have to make do, but found many meals were cooked with gluten-free alternatives!). 

This experience taught me 2 things:

  1. Being in a smaller group of women made finding acceptance so much easier;
  2. Once you open up and expose your vulnerabilities, wonderful things can happen.

I can’t post to the internet and expect the same sort of connection and interaction. So I decided to create a smaller group of creative warriors who are interested in chronicling their lives, health, & happiness through visual journaling. 

I will also be opening the floor to student teachers; if you have a tip, trick, or tutorial that would fit in with the group (I’ll be giving away all my Couch Art secrets!), you are invited to contribute a PDF or video! I want you to be empowered and comfortable so that maybe you can go on to teach your own class! And if you DO write something, you’ll be given an affiliate link so you can tell others and make a little money. Think about it - if you sell four or five seats, your class fee is more than paid for! 


In keeping with Art Journal Diary, I converted a small sketchbook into my journal for the year, and created a bookcover for it so I could swap it over when my first filled. I wanted to share it with you, as well as the first page of art we’ll be creating, come January. Our theme will be Planning & Mapping. There’s already a discussion happening in the group — come join us!

Who this is for:

  • Those who want to create more art, but have felt uninspired or weighed down by daily life.
  • Those who may have a chronic illness, or have someone with one in your family.
  • Those looking to keep track of their heath, happiness, or yearly goals.
  • Those looking for easier ways to work journaling into their lives.
  • Journalers looking for monthly inspiration.
  • Those seeking authenticity and vulnerability.
  • Those looking for a community of like-minded people who won’t judge, who will understand, empathize, and support. 
  • Are looking for a program that supports Couch art, “dry” art, and one that will help you pull everything back out to play.

This is my pet project for the year, the one that makes my heart sing — helping my sisters (and brothers!) strive and plan. Make a schedule. Figure out what makes you feel healthier, happier, and more creative.

own your story own yourself.png

What you get each month:

  • An issue of the e-zine, Warrior Call, full of inspiring essays, journal pages, teaching stories, a monthly project, and a journal prompt for each week! Every issue has a theme relating to the seasons and their meanings for our lives. 
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support, sharing, and encouragement.
  • The ability to contribute to the 'zine and get paid for your work!
  • A monthly guided journaling project video series, each sharing a new technique or use for a product that is couch/bed/limited movement friendly!


I am limiting the class size for the year to 50 women. Once that is reached, you can purchase each month's content individually in the new Journal Girl Shop

This circle will be run on my Ning community. Please let me know if you use a certain email for the Ning so I can send the invite to the right place!

Give 24 hours from time of purchase to receive your invite and gain access to the group. This is a manual process, and I don't live on my laptop! Your patience is much appreciated!