For me, living with a chronic illness is a daily game of "What did I do differently today that made me feel _______?" Whether it's feel better, have more pain, or a higher level of fatigue... 

And I'm really bad at keeping track of my daily symptoms depsite doctors and educated friends saying I should!

So I decided to create a journal dedicated to chronicalling my health every day. And I wanted to make it colorful and artful and cheerful to work in. And easy! Because some days, we are tired, or don't have a ton of energy, or have no time! So why not create something where I could fill in the blanks and still do a bit of art?!

But this project isn't just for this -- if you have anything in your life you'd like to chronicle: a home improvement project, a new baby, an exercise & diet plan -- then this little mini-class will give you ideas on how to put together a journal to do just that!

Make tracking your life easy and fun with this project! 

There's 30 minutes of HD video instruction, a companion PDF with more information and ways to use this project, and pages of printables made just for you to cut out and use in your own journals! 

All of this is $10. Why? Because I want to help as many people as I can - it's about quality and relationship, not a huge price tag! 

Sign-up HERE!

So many members have started adding to this class, making it completly new! It's an amazing thing to watch, and oh so fun to start taking charge of your health. 

I just wanted to thank you for this lovely minii-class.  I had been keeping track of my health events on a separate piece of paper.  I immediately thought your daily journal idea to keep track of my health issues was a great idea.  I can make the pages fun and artsy and still have all the info at hand.