Let's face it -- learning to draw is hard

Drawing faces in your journal is challenging

I haven't taken a portraits class, or gotten formal instruction. I don't come from an art or illustration background. What I have done is gone down the long and winding path from not knowing how to draw, to having my girls made into rubber stamps, featured in magazines & books, and taught others how to finally get past all those thoughts in your head and draw amazing, revealing mixed-media self portraits. 

This class is packed with information, with a thick workbook, video instruction, and a 30-day challenge to take you forward through what you've learned and help your confidence and skills blossom. 

I've come up with a bunch of fun exercises that take you through discovering your own illustration style & take the struggle out of drawing faces. It all comes together in my super-secret shorthand face method & a mixed media portrait I walk you through, step-by-step. 

Then jump into the forums for 30 Days of Illustration, to help you stay on track and work out those drawing muscles. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Already draw faces? Use this class to explore different illustration styles to find your own unique-ness. 

Can't seem to draw? Progress through this class to become comfortable with drawing faces and learn easy tricks to make it super fun & easy. 

Friendly Faces: $28

Class will run live starting January 27th, 2014, with the 30 day challenge starting mid-February. 

Enrolling grants you 2 years access to all the class materials! Download videos and print out the PDF to work at your own pace. 

Please note that getting you into the group is a manual process that takes 24-36 hours, with no actions taken on Sundays. 

An example exercise!

An example exercise!