You've been liking and commenting on my gelli prints ever since I started sharing them over a year ago, and begging for me to share how I make them. 

Well, here's the class you've been waiting for! 

Gelli Print Junk Journal is for those art journalers & mixed-media enthusiasts who want to learn how to make beautiful mono prints, create spontaneous stencils, and create journals from all the paper you've printed. 

And you don't need a gelli plate! Here's a great tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to make one at home:


I'm introducing a new binding style that looks amazing with gelli printed papers, and just adore the little at journal I've made -- I can't WAIT to start doodling and collaging on those beautiful backgrounds, inserts, and machine stitched pages! 


Here's the breakdown of the class: 

Week 1: 

  • Introduction & Intention
  • Supplies & Setting up your workspace
  • Printing color blocks and patchwork

Week 2: 

  • Creating Spontaneous Stencils
  • Layering Color & Stencils
  • Making Abstract Artsy Prints

Week 3:

  • Stitching Papers to Collage
  • Creating the Journal Cover
  • Finishing the Junk Journal 


Each week has three days of content; some may have one video, others, two or three. All videos are shot with 2 cameras in lovely HD and available for download. 

This is an OPEN ENROLLMENT class. You can join at any time and take however long you need to complete the course -- you have 1 year of access from the time of purchase or posting of the first day's content, whichever comes last

I will be present and engaging students through November, answering your questions, looking over your work, and giving suggestions. 

Class starts Monday, October 21st, so don't delay! If you join before class starts, you'll get a digital pack of gelli printed papers for you to print and collage in your junk journal! 


Supply List! 

Here's what you'll need for class!

Gelli Plate (or handmade plate) 
Acrylic Paint
Brayer/old card/Catalyst Wedge
Craft Sheet or Plexiglass
Spray Bottle
Stencil Blanks or cardstock
11"x14" sheets of paper (watercolor, printmaking, mixed-media)
Waxed Linen Thread
Craft Knife
Binding Needle
I will be sewing papers together with my sewing machine, but you don't have to do this...if you have a machine, then yay!