Here's another part of Inspiration Ink I'm really excited about -- the monthly club! Each month you'll receive the following: 

  • 2 hi-res printables of hand-written, inspiring quotes + short stories about how each came to be
  • 1 video or photograph tutorial on how you can use quotes, phrases, and handwritten words in your artwork or art journal
  • 1 wallpaper for your computer or phone/tablet
  • 1 monthly 50% off coupon for printed goods

I want to spread the gift of these quotes & work as far as I can, and wanted to give YOU a VIP experience. 

There are so many ideas in my head about how I can take this all further, but need a little help. That's where you come in! As part of the monthly club, you'll receive all kinds of little extras, and be able to give me feedback on what would help YOU out more. Personally, I love printing all of these quotes and hanging them above my desk. But what about after they've worked their magic? That's where getting new ones each month comes can cycle through new sayings and inspirational messages as new ones arrive!

This VIP club is run off a private blog. Please allow 24-36 hours for an email with instructions, the URL, and password. If your email address is different than your PayPal one, please let me know at 

I am currently only enrolling this project for 6 months.

/$15 per Month