April Inspiration File

What I'd like to do more of us share my process. Not just the wip photos on Instagram, but all the little yet fundamental things that go into a file piece or offering that aren't apparent from viewing the final project. 

I learned about inspiration files from Mati Rose. When she needed to find imagery for a tutorial we were filming, she pulled out a folder full of stuff...images and colors and scraps, all in one location. It made it easier to find an image that would both work for what she was creating and resonate with her. I loved the idea and have been putting together my own ever since. 

So there's a little video of mine this month. I like to clean them out monthly, archiving old ones in zip lock bags after I've moved over stuff I'm still gaga over. Did you catch that gold foil tissue paper? Becca found that at Target. I love it. And it's much cheaper than a Minc.  

I've decided I'm all for off the cuff and spontaneous blogging. It's way more fun. Also, go check out Inspiration Inc. I poured my heart into it and would love to hear what you think more than anything else.