If you were to page through my journal for this project, I might wave you through this one quickly so I could show the rest of the pretty pages I've been able to make. 

And when I did this with a friend recently, they flipped back and said, "I want to see ALL the pages!"


Reluctantly, I turned back and let her look them over. "Why don't you like these?" 

"Because they aren't my best. I was experimenting and things didn't happen right. They're simple and silly; just look at that odd abstract!"

But something lovely happened as she ran her hands down the pages...her love for them allowed me to see them in a different light. I could see all those little details I had loved, and down to the ideas I was trying to say with each. 

The light in someone's eyes when they connect...wow. Can I bottle that up for a rainy day? As she looked further, she said, "You're going to make me cry!"

There's no better compliment than that! I need to get over myself and SHARE more! So here's the spread that I didn't like, you know, for the project.  

Numbers  19 & 20!