Mood Board Monday #7


Welcome to Mood Board Monday! Each week my bestie Rebecca and I make a mood board and use it to inspire our journal spread. And each Monday, we show you our board and what we made.  


This week was extra fun because Rebecca made an unicorn digital stamp and shared a copy with me so we could both use it. It is SO CUTE and I love it! Let her know what you think so she makes more and stocks her Etsy shop because this girl has SKILLS!

I was mostly inspired by the colors and the sense of magic that went with them. Color guides me most of the time, and I started thinking about all the little marks of color I love in Sabrina Ward Harrison’s work. So I got to playing and adding bits here and there. You don’t have to use ALL the paint, you don’t have to put it all over the spread. Add some texture and color little by little! I really love this page a lot. 

And a big reason I do is because I could do it in one sitting. Some of you may know I’ve had surgery and am in PT for damage to my neck (herniated disks, yuck!) and shoulder. This is all on my right side, so making art has been difficult as I’m right handed! I used to only be able to work for about ten minutes at a time. But for this, I had my iPad on one desk and my art journal on the other, and would go back and forth between art and writing for NaNoWriMo.  

I even told my doctor this morning that I was able to do it! So I’m super excited. Still have a long way to go, but I look at this spread and know, “You’ve still got it girl.”  

The words in black are all about how I can’t do all the same things others can, but I’m still doing more than I used to!  

Let me know if you have any supply questions, or want a technique explained. I now have a filming area set up and can easily make videos or stream now! Let me know if you’d be interested!  

And don’t forget to check out Rebecca’s blog to see her page!  

Now, for all the yummy photos!