an update from the field

I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've been working on. 

I wish I could say the lack of posts/images/social media there-ness was because I wasn't doing anything, but the opposite is what's happened -- I'm busy all over the place and grabbing whatever creativity time I can! I'll draw and color in doctor's waiting rooms or in a long line at the drug store drive-up. My markers travel with me in their snazzy new case so I can color whenever I have some spare time between errands. My ink and brush come out when I have a free hour at home. There are so many ideas in my head, just not enough time to get them down! 

I'm sure this is true for a lot of you, too! Life seems to swirl around us, consume us like a tornado - we become caught and pulled along, landing far away from where we started. I think this is just how it is (I'm remiss to say normal as I'm learning there's no such thing and I don't want to live life striving for something that doesn't exist!). Life is life. 

Something I am learning is how important it is to strike out on your own journey. After writing my last post, I got to thinking about my year so far -- how it started with a car accident on New Year's Day and spiraled out of control after that. I was recently spoiled with Chipotle and got a cup with Neil Gaiman's two-minute story. He writes about refugees in the world, and how, one day, their lives simply and irrevocably changed. 

This had me thinking about my own life, and how it, too, was dramatically and significantly changed within a week. My entire landscape changed and I was drifting along as best I could. Sometimes I didn't know where I'd go, and when you're dealing with anxiety, wasn't too good in my head there for awhile. 

The story, though, speaks about how we need to be a family -- all of us. And how we need people who will take us in and help us and love us, and damn if I'm not lucky to have had that happen to me. 

But there is something big I've learned from this. It's this: when we walk our authentic and true path towards the light, the universe wells up to help us glide along to bigger and better things

Is life super awesome and shiny? No. But I can see how little changes and decisions snowball into awesome things. The seed planted, when watered, will bloom. It all requires two things: patience & faith. If you have those, you're golden. If you have friends who are straight with you, you're platinum. 

Anyway, now that my new-to-me laptop has a proper amount of RAM in it, I'll be back to creating collage sheets and videos. In fact, this week is about getting the next Heart to Art posted & some a la carte mini video lessons filmed. So this is the perfect time to tell me how I can help you along your own journey -- is there a story I should tell, or journals to show, or images to share? Let me know!

Now to the pictures!

I'm working on getting these up in my Etsy shop as 11"x17" prints! Yep - I can go bigger, now! Which one do you like? 

That page on the left is for testing how colors will look next to each other, and how the shadows, done with grey, will look over the colors. Moleskine paper isn't the best thing for Copic markers!

That page on the left is for testing how colors will look next to each other, and how the shadows, done with grey, will look over the colors. Moleskine paper isn't the best thing for Copic markers!

I'm back to doodling in my Moleskine again. I decided to use the reference images I've collected on Pinterest and do some doodling. It turned into so much more than that. I had so much fun coloring her in and want to keep drawing. But seeing how well she turned out makes me nervous -- like I have to live up to this each time I draw. Do you ever feel like that? I think it's the perfectionist in most of us. I just have to remember that the only way to make more like this is to make more period. So I'll be trying to do one a day. We'll see how it goes

Find your magic

Let me tell you, getting off social media for awhile and doing your own thing is awesome. And ever since, I've spent less time on IG and FB. But! When I do spend time, I write lots of comments & spread love! It makes it so much more fun and rewarding!


I just wanted to show you the journal spread I finished last night. Lots of layering in here, and learning how colors work and light temperature. Notice all the notes I've written on the page; these are so I can navigate the next one easier. 

I am so totally in love with these markers again, and not to color things in. There's so much to learn about color and layering and how it can be applied to acrylic glazes. I'm putting together a post for you guys, but for now, I'm going to color and try to do a drawing for Inktober!