Hallow-eeneeeee Hands & other stuff

Dsc_0005Painted my nails this morning -- orange and black, isn't it FUN? I love having painted nails and almost NEVER paint them a "normal" color...I've worn dark nail polish for YEARS because I love how my fingers look typin' on a white keyboard with dark colors. Heeee.

I know things are usually fun around here, but even Kiras need to vent. When I got in that car accident and had the sling on my shoulder, I didn't work for two weeks. In that time, they got someone to cover my work....yesterday, I found out they were doing a "better job" than I, and I was let go. I'm kinda pissed, not only at the other unknown person (or, rather, my "boss"), but my body. Because of FMS and other related health issues, I can't sit in a chair for longer than a couple of hours without extree pain. This limited how long I can work in an office-like setting. And, on some days, I'll have a flare up and can't even make it out of bed. I'm in the process of applying for disability (this is try #2, as I was stupid with the first application and filled things out wrong), but until then, I don't know what I'm really supposed to do! The nice thing is, disability is retroactive, meaning I'd get my normal benefits for the 6 months or so it takes to process my claim. But that doesn't help me right now!

I'm not horribly worried, as Page by Page is coming out in 2 1/2 weeks, which helps me out. But I AM putting many pieces, pages, and paintings up on eBay, as well as designing jewelry for a local shop. I'm just so....angsty, I guess. I didn't see this coming and feel like I've gotten a blow to the head -- when will things let up?

Oh! I've uploaded the written list companion for yesterday's video...you can find it at the bottom of that entry. :)

My paintings and pages for sale can be found on eBay.

Edit: I wrote this entry before putting stuff on eBay. I put my favorite painting up and actually started to cry -- it hurts when you are forced to sell your favorite creations...but not, perhaps, as much as it would were I stranded on the side of the road without a phone because I couldn't pay my bill... Please give it a good home! *dabs eyes*