Baaaaaaa -- like the new duds? Read on!

Why yes, I AM a complete skitzo when it comes to blog layouts!

*G* Tried to clean things up a bit; I'm taking a cue from Lia and working on better-organizing things around here to gear-up for my mailing list re-launch tomorrow. New content, hopefully daily, that I'll be compiling for more-frequent posts.

I'll also be posting a vid this week that will correspond with some new items in my etsy shop.

But first, I must tell you about my new love affair with Apple Barrel Gloss paints.

I *heart* them.

I've been eeeehhhh about background lately, wanting more transparent colors over know, a nice glaze of color. And while I get the general effect from my watercolor crayons, I can't mix those, which means I have to either settle or try layering colors....have you tried that? doesn't work very well!

When over at Red's, I tried one of hers, and yeah, liked it, but didn't think about it again until the other day, when I was feeling horribly fat, down, and ucky and had a bit of extra money to burn a hole in my pocket. I was wandering around Michael's (which was probably ill-advised), grabbing things off the shelf in that oh-that's-cool anti-climatic kind of way...totally emo and such, and was looking at all the paints and BAM -- a row of gloss paints in these awesome bright colors and WHEEE -- I had to grab a bucket from a nearby display to carry 'em all.

Upon getting home, I had to spill my paint and mmmmmm make some journal pages! It'd been awhile, and my meal break at work is JUST loooooong enough to eat and pen a journal entry or doodle some, so I've been journaling more (that, and I keep forgetting my book!). I had a TON of fun and you can see all my pretty pages below.

I've settled into a new style I'm LOVING. A mix of hand-drawn characters (whee!) and magazine people (and now at a discount!) with my new funking handwriting and lots of fun colors. And they don't take a TON of supplies or time to make, which is a plus since I have a lot on my plate! In fact, all my supplies fit in a nice big tote I got from work that's next to my chair right now. My room's freeeeeeezing....I snuggle under blankets to sleep and read but won't be sitting up there to journal. BRRRR! I need to clean it so I can move my space heater in.

OH! New thing! I've decided to give y'all a peek into my journal as I work in it -- I'll be taking shots every time I work in it so you can see how pages progress, as I don't do 'em all at once or in order or anything. So, I hope this helps some of you who are stuck or don't know how things get made. I've got captions on the photos thus-far to help explain things. It's all in a photo album here; I won't be posting pages until they're "done" on flickr. So it's a Kira-blog exclusive!!

GO! Journal In-Progress Gallery



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