And here it is!

Coverfall07Well, here it is! After, well, weeks of work, I've FINALLY gotten to the point where we're trying to figure out how many copies to print -- that means Page by Page #2 is now available for order! *G*

Click here to go to the order page!

Phew! I have just a few more little formatting things to iron out and that project will be DONE. *sigh!* While I ADORE creating my 'zine, it can be quiet overwhelming! When I published the first issue, I thought I'd get MAYBE 10 pre-orders; imagine my surprise when I had 40 to package and send out! What's great this time around is that I've enough capital to have someone else fold, staple, and cut it (for the first, I cut every single one by hand with a ruler and x-acto knife!).

I already have the NEXT issue planned, at least parts of it in my head. Please help me flesh it out by submitting YOUR ideas and journal pages and articles!

I feel a bit less crazy with a few things finished; now I have free time, but oh! I got a new "day job" (I am a firm believer in day jobs for artists -- great inspiration, fodder, and time to work things out) at Barnes & Noble for the season; it's my second year working over the holidays, and yes, I'm crazy for doing so! But I love it. I'm part-time, which works for me -- I can work and then paint or whatever when I'm not working.

Oh! I developed a new -- what would you call it? Pattern? Method? -- for making journals. It's SO FUN. The cover's padded and I used flannel so it's all cozy and warm...makes me want to curl up with it! And -- I figured out how to make buttons with my shrink plastic! EEE! I'll be binding a few now that I know all the measurements and stuff just in time for holiday shopping. Buy handmade! *laughs* I know I'll be making all my gifts this holiday...when I'll find time, I have no idea!

PS. Don't worry -- I'll be making video for y'all this weekend!