a journaler's identity

becoming more

When I look back at my various journals created over the last three years, they look like the work of different people – different versions of me. While we all believe in one singular personality (and any deviation’s considered unhealthy), I believe we have several different shades existing within us. Think of the different threads that make up one length of embroidery floss; all those tiny strands are the same color and length of the whole, yet alone, they are weaker. Each variation of ourselves needs the others in order to survive.

These aren’t autonomous parts – I’m not going to begin speaking as though I’m Kira and Sally and Mary (though I do have a split in my life between Samantha and Kira; let’s not go into that now). What they are is a bit more complicated – I think they are pieces trying to figure out where they fit.

Yes, many pages look different because time means experience and new discoveries. I certainly don’t use all the same things I did when I began. But there are different frames of mind; sometimes, I want to be simple yet messy, others, bright and full of bits of paper.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding a single thread that connects all my work. You know what I mean – how you can look at a piece and just know who did it (or inspired it). It’s something I know must come in time, and can’t be forced – but I feel a bit lost when sitting down with my journal. I don’t know where I am or where I’m going – there are too many trees (distractions, likes, styles, etc.) and I’m so fascinated by the beautiful canopy, I never really look where I’m going.

Over the last few months, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a possible online class. I really, really want to teach but haven’t a clue as to what I could that hasn’t already been covered – I can’t see what I have to offer as it’s common knowledge to me already! Anyway, as I’ve been journaling, I’ve been brainstorming and thinking and all that rolled into one in that pressure cooker called a brain.

I want to find my journaling identity. Who I am and how that’s translated to the page. How do I go about creating pages? What are the colors that appeal to me most and what do they mean? Why do I sometimes use magazine images and other times do my own illustrating? I want to learn the answers to these questions – I feel as though exploring myself as an artist and a journaler, I’ll become better at both.

So that’s what my pages will be reflecting. Come along for the ride, or, better yet, watch me and then let me lead you in the new year.



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Happy Yule to my brothers and sisters who celebrate!