On Limits & A Bunch of Stuff!

Limits are not necessarily bad things. Many journal for the freedom -- for the lack of rules and expectations, and shy away from anything involving rules and such. Don't be afraid! I'm not going to tell you you need restrictions and such on your journaling in order to make it better; I have a different story to tell.

In order to make discoveries, we need to be forced to think outside the box -- in this case, the box is your normal or learned methods for using supplies, techniques, etc. By sitting in our studios or desks, we have access to all we've seen. Cluttered or not, anything we'd need is right there at our finger tips: brushes, paints, pens, papers -- all those things you normally use to create a journal page or artwork. We KNOW how to get the wash effect we want with that fan brush we've had for years, how to attach that perfect photo with the gel medium or mod podge sitting right next to your favorite paints.

But what if you didn't have any of those things? What if, instead of having those brushes and papers and glues, we DON'T? Do we give up, wait until we can get to our studios and desks, or power through it?

Do I really have to ask? *laughs*

I found myself, the other night, without a single paintbrush, with only three or four colors of paint, some papers, and mod podge. Once I used the single foam brush for paint and gesso, I couldn't readily dip it in the mod podge, so I had to use my fingers. At first, I was kinda, well...what good could come of this distinct lack of supplies?

But! What a surprise! I began working differently than I have before. My layers became messy and muddled (as it's not easy to wash out a foam thingy in a cup of water), colors mixed by fate and chance instead of by design. I threw caution to the wind and began throwing things together, working crazily, laughing as I dipped my fingers into the mod podge and smeared the glue all over the pages.

When I look at them, I can FEEL everything I was feeling when I created them! Perhaps not my best, but I love them for being true.


Journal Prompt:

Try working with less. Pick 10 supplies/epherma and create a journal page using ONLY those. Learn more about yourself and your materials, and above all, have fun!

why us?ahhhhH

Gathered Today:

  • The blue label on the first page came from the label maker I picked up at Wal-Mart today for $4.77. Yes! That cheap! The more expensive ones print the labels, but this cheap one does the punching effect I love to pieces. And! It was quite a steal!
  • Dip pens were on sale at Hobby Lobbly -- I got a nice one with two nibs for under $4. I've loved the look of writing with pen and ink (my regular fountain pen doesn't get the same effect) ever since reading Sabrina Ward Harrison.
  • Children's writing paper. $.97. There's one cheap buy for "found" papers.
  • Fun, fun scrapbooking papers with those patterns I love so much in bright, acid-y colors.

And! Thanks to Bianca on the JournalGirl mailing list:


White ink + dip pen = BEST WHITE PEN EVAR!!! This worked better than the uni-ball, poster paint, and white-out pens I've tried. Just one dip and it wrote perfectly and opaque on the acrylic + watercolor crayon background. Thanks, Bianca!

The whole thing cost about $6. Ink with these pens will write over ANYTHING, even oil pastels.

Holiday Cards!

The offer still stands -- if you'd like a holiday card from me, email your address to me: kira {at} journalgirl.com If you'd like to send one, my address is on my contact page. I'm excited to send 'em, and might include some goodies. :)

Zine Submissions

With the second issue of Page by Page out (and yes, all but the 20 most recent orders have been sent out and are beginning to be received -- I'm so glad you like it, Paula! <- she's one of the issue's contributors!), I'm already getting started with the next issue. If you have an idea for an article, book review, material review, or idea for who I should interview next, please, let me know!! I am also looking for staff writers.  Email me to pitch a column you'd like to write for each issue -- and don't worry about being able to write -- I want passion & inspiration, not fancy words!

Journal Pics!

More photos on Flickr
. And if it's easier to comment there, please, feel free!

I love you all. Have a wonderful weekend! Life's messy -- journal about it!