Mail Presents!

I went to check my mail box today and look what I found inside!

Mail Art from Michelle ~

Michelle sent me a package all the way from Poland! I had a slip in my box because I had to sign for it -- I haven't had to do that before! The mail guy was the usual one I see (our post office is big because it services the entire area, not just my town; from edge to edge, we're about 30 minutes long!), and he said, "She made it all pretty for you!"

"Don't you remember my postcards?" I said, as I'd been in earlier that week.

"Oh, yeah!"

Yes, I am now known at the post office as the girl with the pretty packages. ;)

Inside, I found a wonderful little album showing me Michelle's town, some of her favorite monuments, and where she lives! It's amazing and beautiful and I want to do the same thing for her! She also sewed me a cute fabric journal and made me awesome earrings in my favorite colors. In the box are some beautiful lace ribbons and goodies for collage! Thank you, Michelle!

presies from Michelle!

I also found a little package from Lia! Inside are all sorts of fun papers and wallpaper strips! I can't wait to dive into these bits and make some art!

package from Lia ~

And here are the cards I received through Chrysti's Doodle ATC Swap! Aren't they fun?

chrysti's doodle atc swap

I stopped by Paper Source today for the first time since I left there on....less than pleasurable terms. My darling friend Maricarmen was working and I got to catch up with her -- she has illustrations to finish and I can't wait for the children's book to be published because she is an AMAZING artist. I also picked up some paper and a new journal. It's drying right now in the other room....tonight I'll be decorating the cover and christening it! I decided not to use the old book and just find a smaller journal I like. This way, I won't have to carry such a large bag, which is good since I don't have good shoulders.

Things here in KiraWorld have gotten better; a tense situation's been resolved, sort of, and it's lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I also got a bit of good news today. ;) All in all, I'm in a fantastic mood and itching to do some art!