Oodles of Doodles!

Thanks for all your helpful comments. Sometimes, I forget that not everyone's working on a widescreen display (I have a MacBook, so it's widescreen and now normal for me!). And thanks SO MUCH for your compliments! I'm so very happy I still can do this digital collage stuff!

A week or so ago, Dawn asked us to compose an art journal page out of doodles. Seemed simple enough -- doodling is something everyone does, if only subconsciously while on the phone or watching TV.

The thing is, I've never felt confidant when it comes to doodling. Hell, I use a pencil to plan out WORDS, and now I was going to doodle? Planning them out kind of defeats the purpose, and I was scared, so I didn't do a page, even if it would never be seen by anyone else.

I've admired those artists who can take a pen and make wonderful, swirling marks, topsy-turvey designs inked without mistakes, lines bold but clean. In college, I couldn't do much camera work because I shake too much, and for that reason, I never could quite accomplish the clean lines I so wished I could.

What I've discovered is this:

All you need is confidence.

Seriously. Yesterday, I went to the doctor, finally, for my injured shoulder and neck; after those kinds of visits, you always feel worse from the poking and prodding and all that, so I was a little out of it. I sat down in front of the TV, pulled out my new pigment liners and small notebook, and just started doodling. I've always wanted to make a sheet of doodle labels -- there's something about them I just adore -- so I started making the ones I'd want to use on my own artwork. Once I started, I couldn't stop -- labels just kept coming out! And then wings, because I love the idea of wings as embellishments on the labels, and wow! When I finished, I just couldn't stop looking at them -- I can't wait to get them printed and start sticking them all over my pages! *G!*

modern lace  summer flowers

Here are two I did last night. *G* The one on the left I colored on the computer, the other, with some new pens I bought along with my doodle notebook. ;)

And here's the labels. They're printed out on sticker paper, so you just cut 'em out and stick them on. Right now, I've got 'em in black, as this is my first doodle collage sheet, but I'm sure I can color them after a little experimentation.

Doodle Labels Sticker Sheet

This sheet is now available on my little shop page. *G* If you have pre-ordered Page by Page and want to purchase a sheet, please either email me or let me know in the comments part of the PayPal order so I can ship them together. Shipping on the sheets is already included in the price.