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Frida Kahlo


I think there comes a time in every creative's life when they must go with the flow and acclimate or simply stop.

The first time I came to one of these forks in the road was back at the beginning of high school, when I was first diagnosed with FMS and had stomach problems so severe, I was popping prescription-strength anti-nausea pills three times a day (and always worried, being as I like to follow the rules, that they'd discover I was carrying prescription medication in my bag). Several changes had to take place in my life, and I could either make them and life around my problems, or refuse and stop living.

Perhaps my current injury isn't as bad as back then (as things came on as result of an injury; I sprained my entire leg and was in a immobilizer and walking with crutches for weeks), but I wasn't painting and collaging and such. I'm right handed and enjoy writing by hand, painting, cutting things out, those sorts of things. Constructing these blog entries takes awhile as I need to rest every so often.

A quick non sequitur to say thank you, oh so much, for all your kind well-wishes! I cherish all the positive energy! I went to see the doctor again; she's put me on another batch of steroids. She thinks there's an pinched nerve in my shoulder caused by inflammation, and if this new batch doesn't relieve the pain, I have to get an MRI and see an orthopedic surgeon. Yipes! MRI's are nothing -- I've had 'em before -- but I might have to get surgery and THAT'S scary. At least insurance is paying for it. And did you know they don't sell slings at Walgreen's anymore?

Ahem. Anyway, because of all this, I can't really paint with a brush. I've begun cutting things out (of my new issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, cause I LOVE the beautiful dresses and flowers!) and have some double-sided tape so I don't have to brush on any sort of glue -- I've forgotten how much I LOVE double-sided tape. And some colored pencils.

And painting with my left hand! I drip acrylics on the page and smear them around with my left hand until they "dry." I'm LOVING this new discovery, this new method -- I love how it looks and the messy backgrounds I can create over collaged pages or just atop my tinted gesso pages. I mix a little of color with gesso and spread it all over my makes it easy to work on and takes away that White Page Fright.

Yesterday, I was looking through the cards in my mom's copy of The Art Box and came upon Frida Kahlo's. Her painting spoke to me; I first became interested in Frida's work after reading the card on her in Randi's "Wide Open." I was intrigued by the art she did based on Frida's and always wanted to seek out more.

The card mentioned at the bottom that Frida suffered from spinal problems later in life and was bedridden. But she continued to paint despite extreme pain. I stopped and reflected, inspired. Frida's didn't let pain stop her, so why was I? Yes, my mother had been hounding me to take it easy, but weren't there other ways I could use to create? Wasn't a little shoulder burning okay as long as I paced myself?

I hope to explore more themes around Frida and her art, as well as my new methods born from necessity.

And now for some exciting news!

Here it is!

Look! That's me, after getting out of the pool, holding up the master copy of Page by Page! It's SO AMAZING to hold it in my hands after the last month! I learned InDesign by fire; I had to teach myself as I created the spreads and can't BELIEVE I did it! I am so proud of this publication, I'm giddy! Here are some sample spreads.

sample spread #1 sample spread #2

There are still 3 pre-order slots left over at my etsy shop.

Remember when I talked about  creating Inspiration Packs?  Page by Page started as a little hand-out to go with the packs of collage materials and kinda grew...but I wasn't going to abandon the Inspiration Packs! Here's a photo of the Large Size's contents:

Inspiration Pack (large)

There's fabric, papers, graffiti paper, transparent vellum, ephemera, foreign papers, punchella, random bits, doodle labels, and more! It all comes in a pretty, spray-painted plastic envelope. I currently have 4 available for $14 plus shipping. Let me know if you're interested!

And now, I'm off to read my copy of Artful Blogging, pet my own 'zine, and watch me some "Monk" and "Psych."

Have a fantastic, creative weekend!!!

<3 Kira