two girls on the page

Looking through my entries, I noticed I haven't posted any journal pages recently. Here are a few from my new journal, a simple spiral bound collection of papers; I've been doing one page entries lately, so the spiral doesn't bother me as it would have as soon as a month ago.

I'm going through buckets of gesso. And I found a whole box of oil pastels in the basement. Instead of focusing on collage, I'm giving more time/space to doodles and hand-done embellishments.

#14 DSC_0006.JPG DSC_0008.JPG

This journal's become more letters to myself than a journal of my surroundings (though there are pages with sketches of a few events I've gone to). I feel more connected with this journal and find myself talking with myself on its pages. There's all sorts of stuff in here, and nothing's too "small" to go on a page.

It all started when I did the entry on soul conversing. Ever since then, my inside self has been wanting to talk, and I, being a silly girl, gave her a pen...