Sunday Collage Challenge, August 5th

Sunday Collage Challenge (8.5.07)

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to create a journal entry using at LEAST THREE images on the sheet.

You may use MORE than 3, but no less. Think creatively; a framed photo is not only a photo, but a frame or border for something else, a flower a background to be sanded down. A clock has more parts than the whole. Bits and pieces, cut from the complete picture, can change an entire collage. And yes, using pieces counts as using an image.

Those are the only rules. You can use anything else in your collection of supplies, but it MUST be a journal entry (and journal is how you define it; loose leaf pages together are still pages in a journal).

You can download the full size sheet here.

Leave a comment with a link so I can come visit your collage! *G*