time away for the holiday

Labor Day weekend is drawing to a close, and tomorrow, work begins again, only this time, it will be in fall instead of summer (and yes, I know it's still summer, but STILL...).

Last week, while driving around, I stopped in a small art gallery that moved in while I was away at school. It's mostly pottery, with a few photographs, and has pottery supplies in the back near a work area. I don't do pottery, but I did pull artistic gold from those shelves -- squares of meninite (sp?) used for altering the pottery wheel for smaller items that are just perfect for small pieces. I love rounded corners (one reason I'm loving my composition book journal), and these have them. AND, they're $0.85 a piece. Even a poor girl such as myself can afford that!

I've wanted to branch out onto wood, or, in this case, board, for awhile. There's something about the pieces I've seen that are on something other than paper that...hrmm...I can't really describe it. But they're wonderful, and I wanted to try it out. Dsc_0220_3


Here's what came out when I started working. I really like the black against colorful backgrounds, and had fun messing with colors and such. I haven't done much drawing in connection with my art past doodling, so I planned and sketched and then went for it.

And then I got really ambitious.

I AMAZED myself with this one! I LOVE IT! *G* I'm planning on grabbing some more tiles and working on more pieces this way....isn't that tree CREEPY? Yes, I was thinking of Halloween when I was working on it.

This summer has been so full of growth and creating new friendships -- it's been full and wonderful and I can't wait to see what the fall has to bring for all of us on this crazy art adventure!