Week 1: New Year's & a Soul Conversation Primer

I have been trying to get this post written and posted for the last few days; on Monday, my laptop died and ate the whole thing (which is why I now type everything in Word), yesterday, family friends stopped by unannounced and stayed until midnight. Alas, I am here now, wrapped in a warm robe, sitting beside the fire, relaxing after a day at work.

It was through reading the books by the magnificent SARK that I was introduced to Micro-Movements. They are, simply, small movements that take about 5 minutes to complete that work toward a larger goal. The most common example she uses is cleaning out a closet – first, open the doors, the next day, get some boxes or a trash bag, then take a few minutes and sort some stuff. While it sounds like it will take forever for you to complete anything, you might just find that you accomplish MORE just by breaking things down.

Living with chronic fatigue and FMS, I live by Micro-Movements. They make things much easier to achieve and keep me from “burning out,” that is, losing interest quickly due to being overwhelmed.

Being the beginning of the year, I’ve been thinking a lot about those large goals I’d like to achieve in the new year. What is it exactly that I’d like to accomplish? What do I NEED to accomplish? Is there something small I can do that will improve my life? Make me happy?

There’s that saying, that we never know what it is we truly need. This week, I’d like to you have a Soul Conversation with your True Self and hear what she has to say about your New Year’s Resolutions – if you’re willing to listen, your soul will ALWAYS be there to help, guide, and comfort. Make sure to set a variety of goals, paying attention to ALL facets of your life, not just those most important to you right now. Try making a list, like this:

  • Artistic
  • Personal
  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Financial

(I only include financial because many people feel the need to change this aspect; I find if the other parts of your life are in balance, this will easily fall into place.)

I’ve crafted this handy worksheet to illustrate my own ritual for having a Soul Conversation; feel free to use or alter it – better yet, craft your own ritual! Rituals are important as they help us focus our minds and hearts, as well as create a feeling of connectedness to something larger than ourselves.