{ a bit more distant }

Just an FYI. My hard drive went kaput this morning, meaning I have to borrow a computer to go online. While I can purchase replacement parts soon-ish, I won't be around until I can. Orders will be sent out on Wednesday. Right now, however, I don't have access to any e-copies, photos, artwork....just about anything that isn't backed-up on the internet.

I've finished the journals I mentioned in my last post, and should be able to list them in my etsy shop tomorrow...just waiting on a memory card reader, as this laptop doesn't have one, and the photos are on the camera.

It's been a HUGE headache and draining to think about possibly losing everything I've created and worked on for the last three years. The Artistic Alchemy files are thankfully backed-up on the mailing list, but I don't have the proper program on here to sharpen them for printing. I have no scanner to scan the art journal, full of prompts and backgrounds, that I'm ready to scan and print. It's just frustrating! I need my computer to list things on etsy, and I need to list things on etsy to fix the computer!

Also, any emails sent to me via @journalgirl.com did not go through for the last week, so please re-send if you did.

It's been a DAY. I'm off to snuggle back up on the couch with a puppy, play in my journal, and watch TV.