A Copic Love Affair

MAN! I am SO FRUSTRATED! I started this post days ago, but didn't post it because I wanted to find my camera to take pictures for it. A few days later and the camera is STILL missing!!! I had to scan everything, and the settings are all messed up so everything came out like CRAP but it's all I've got and I've other stuff to work on (like the 'zine and the workshop) and can't really rescan everything right now...*grumbles* My laptop's running slow and this new interface for TypePad is SLOW....there's a HUGE delay when I type and things take FOREVER to format.

We're up to 58 "students" in the workshop! I thought MAYBE 10 people would sign up -- you all make me so happy and humble and give me great confidence in myself. Which is also why I want to post more!

Here's the post I wrote a few days ago, complete with the bad scans. Forgive me!

Whoah! You ever work with something and just BAM! You want to curl up with it and use it on EVERYTHING? That happened to me this week.

I had an idea for a page, one inspired by a few pages in Lynda Barry's What It Is (an amazing, awesome, TOTALLY COOL book. The only copy Borders had was DAMAGED and I STILL bought it!), and knew I didn't have the supply needed to do what I wanted to do. So, while out to grab some eye candy (a window-shop through Hobby Lobby), I decided to see if they had any single-sale markers in the light, light shade of purple I needed.

While I hoped I could find it as a Prismacolor, I could only get it as a Copic...the price difference is $2! But I sucked it up and got one...as well as a pretty pink in a light shade. I rushed home to create the page in my head before it flew away, and oh my! It was love at first use!

They gave the EXACT shade I wanted....and let me tell you -- writing with the brush end is awesome! I absolutely love writing with a close shade on my entries. Yes, that means less gets on the page, but -- OH! I just thought of this: I could write an entry in my usual pen over the larger brush handwriting! I've gotta go try this!

At $6 each or $60 for a 12 marker set, I had to go a bit cheap and get the Copic Ciao set -- they are thinner and a bit smaller than the Copic Sketch markers, but the colors and brush end are the same. They're recommended for beginner users since they cost less...I just felt the set had all the colors I'd really need! A few years ago, I started collecting the Fabre-Castell artist pens, and now have just about ever color....and now, I realize I don't need every color of the rainbow -- well, except for my watercolor crayons! *laughs*

celebrated blindnessl

Writing with a Pitt Artist Pen (above).

 mind elevator

Writing with the Copic. See the difference? Isn't it just thick and JUICY?