can i get a do-over?

Oh, what a day!

It all started yesterday, when my younger brother borrowed my car and it wouldn't start -- he had it towed, and I called today to see what was wrong. Apparently, the alternator's dead, as well as the battery. I asked them to charge the battery and I'd pay later to get the alternator fixed -- what do I need it for? Don't you just use the battery when you start the car?

Yes, I was that naive.

I also got my A/C fixed after two years without it, so, when I picked up the car, I decided to take a trip down to Paper Source for some journal-making supplies (I'm planning on opening up my etsy shop again with a whole bunch of journals) and other fun inspiration.

Well, on the way home, my car started going funny, my radio popped and went out, the RPMs stopped registering, and I managed to get a window open before ALL the electronics went out! I got a few more miles down the road before the engine gave out. I called AAA and waited -- in 85 degree weather! -- for the tow. And then I find out you get charged after 5 miles! So that little trip to Paper Source ended up costing me the papers PLUS $84!

I'm now lounging inside in a long t-shirt, basket of art supplies next to me. I've a headache from the heat (waiting for the tow) and all the money I'm spending to get my car fixed. And not being able to go to my favorite out-of-the-house spot tonight! *sigh*

Here's a poem I wrote on the side of the road while waiting. I'm going to do art and wait for a new day, because this one was tiring!

we all wish
we had a mirror
to show us what is
coming up from behind
and into being in
the present

a warning of what
is to come

yet if we did
get this
magic mirror
our lives would be spent
in worry
gazing into its depths
agonizing over what
is around the bend
inside of the beauty and joy
surrounding us