{ a trip back in time... }

This weekend, I took a break from sleep and coughing to travel back in time to the Renaissance. I'm lucky enough to live about 20 minutes from the Bristol Renaissance Faire up in Wisconsin (but only by a little bit), but haven't gone the last few years. A friend asked me to tag along, and, needing a bit of fun and fresh air, I took the trip.


tea time

This was BY FAR my favorite place. I didn't stay for tea time, but I just want to curl up in this garden and never leave. Can this be my home from now on?

across the glen

I just adore the open spaces, the paths made of gravel or through the grass from years of wandering travelers, the shades hung in the trees....small shops and performers and the beauty of a simpler, magical time...

a fun trip!

A few of my fellow travelers...

i love this dress!

I want this dress! I want to marry it and make lots of art and journal page babies!!!

make a wish!

Make a wish!

God, just walking around the faire is like visual candy, full of inspiration!! I plan on taking another trip since I didn't have any money and there's so much I wanted to take home...