{ swimming against the tide }


Watch out! I've got my mojo back! I've still got a headache and am feeling lethargic, but I just could not stand another day of not doing art. It was beginning to really get to me!

energy levels

A little over a week ago, I painted some pages, did spray paint on them, and left them alone. I've been adding little by little...a doodle here, a photo there, some wire where I can (I love the spiral binding...I've been using more 3-D elements). With me being so tired, this simply made it easier to work on stuff. But last night, I was up painting and ripping and sewing and wheee! I've even started on a mailart swap I was supposed to do AGES AGO (sorry, Randi!).

we are all special

I ALSO have a short story started here. The notebook you use really DOES help! I found an adorable one on clearance at Target the other day, and it's got pages filled already.

pages in progress

OH! And I got GOOD video editing software. Working with iMovie was REALLY getting to me, as someone who learned video editing on an AVID system....oh, things that SHOULD have taken seconds took HOURS. The voice-synching on the Watercolor Crayons video took forever and I almost threw my computer in frustration!

more in progress and a self-portrait

Aww, the baby puppy's sleeping with my foot as a pillow. ;)

There are more pictures over on my flickr page. Sorry that they're smaller/not straight on. Still compiling pages for Anthaology vol. B, my personal 'zine full of journal pages, photos, and stories. Have you seen the first issue?