{general vid stuff...}

 I was going to film a video on the stenciling I've been doing (I even got some new supplies!), but my cold's morphed into something a bit worse, and I've been corralled to the couch by some heavy-duty meds. Thankfully, they're starting to work, and I should be better by this weekend.

Are there any questions you'd like answered? Any stuff in specific you'd like me to cover? Let me know in the comments so I can research anything I don't know beforehand.

Also, I have a vid on Coptic binding and one on watercolor crayons waiting to be edited...still interested? I haven't worked on them because I don't have any room on my laptop for the in-progress video & timeline; I was going to delete the music off here because it's on my iPod...and then my iPod got stolen at work. Anyone have a spare external hard drive they'd like to donate? I miss making my vids!