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This is a LONG ENTRY. You've been warned!!!

Justine wrote:

I love your blog and have considered for a long time whether I should
say anything about the zine and the artwork. Please understand I'm not
trying to hurt your feelings but I think perhaps some of my comments
would be helpful for you.

Her comments have been so helpful to let me see where I can make improvements, and so, here's her points and my fixes:

I have considered getting the zine but have not coz:
1) I would like to get a visual "preview" of a few pages inside.

I signed up with issuu.com a little while ago, but have always been afraid of letting people see stuff for free because I'm afraid then they won't PAY for something, or donate, since I am now trying to squeeze some sort of a living out of this. However, I am willing to show a bit, so you can now preview the first 13 pages of the current issue:

2) Have not heard of anyone who have purchased the zine & how they like

Wow! Wow.
I pulled up to my house this late afternoon breathing a sigh of relief that finally I was home from work only to be surpised to see a package waiting for me in the mailbox.  I didn't even wait to get my stuff out of the car.  I plopped down on the grass, ripped open the package and flipped slowly though the whole thing relishing each page.  I have every issue (so far) of Page by Page zine and this is the best one yet!  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this issue is!!!  Every part is delicious!  You have out done yourself on this one!!
The layouts are beautifully designed. The pictures are great. The tutorials are just the way I like 'em . . . easy, quick, and with pictures that actually illustrate the technique!  I'll be carring this zine in my bag for weeks.  I love it! . . .  Ok enough embarassing myself to a total stranger

3) Available in pdf format?? for how much?? the same as the hardcopy
one ?? Why doesn't it say so on the check-out page ?? Why is there no
button for choosing the e-format on the check-out page?? 

I adore printing. Having the hard copy in my hands. Traditionally, the 'zine comes out as a hard copy first, then goes into PDF back issues when the new issue comes out (or I begin layouts/going to print with the new one). This is the first time I've offered PDFs, and that is because many international customers had issues with the post last time, and priority for international is really too expensive. However, you can email me and request one if you really want one. I do work a lot to make it for print media, though, and would love to send you one. As always, if you cannot afford one, or the shipping, I do trades or may send it for free. Just email me!

4) Postpone the issue date of the zine so often makes me wonder if I
want to subscribe

Which is perfectly understandable, and I'm totally with you. Which is why I opened up reservations to bridge that gap between you wanting a copy promised and me knowing how many to initially print. As I'm doing this as my full-time job, now, the issues will be coming out much more frequently. The next will be out mid-November/beginning of December.

Reason why I have not purchased your art work:
1) Please pay attention to how the art work is displayed. eg. The photo
showing a painting on the clock with a blue background just looks

I've been lazy. :(

When I started updating my etsy shop, I took into consideration all the stuff I could do to improve how things look, and continue to do so.

Now, for the fun stuff!! I've been painting a LOT lately, inspired first by my first meeting with the Lake County Art League, secondly by Kelly Rae Roberts' book Taking Flight.

in the works

work sitting on my easel on my desk.

believe in miracles

7"x5" mixed-media on vintage book cover. isn't he adorable!!!??

tea girl

6"x6" mixed-media on Masonite. a better photo of the girl.

some of my favorite new supplies!

My new favorite supplies. Click over to Flickr (click on the picture) to read my notes. Look out for posts on the new techniques I do with all of these. (and mmmmmm....vitamin water!)

And finally, journal pages. Again, click on 'em to see full-sizes.

half-wingwatching the treesas an artistfly

And I'm outta here (actually, I'm writing more posts, just waiting to post 'em!).

<3 Kira