{kira's inspiration playlist}

I present my playlist for those days when the art just won't come, for when you're feeling small, or for when you're ready to groove and get creating!

Track Listing & Key Lyrics:

1. Wake Up -- Arcade Fire

Children wake up/hold your mistake up/before they turn the summer into dust.

2. The Wreckoning -- Boomkat

I came I saw I kicked some ass/The pain I cause it makes me laugh/'cause the way I do my thing is strange/I just inject myself into your veins, yeah

3. Busy -- Butterfly Boucher

This could be so fun/I might just like it/I might just love it/I might get busy/I might get lonely/I just don't know yet/Can't wait to find out

4. A Beautiful Book -- Butterfly Boucher

Well everything's full of derams for one thing...woo hoo/And everything's full of dreams for reasons

5. See The World -- Gomez

Day to day/Where do you want to be?/'Cos now you're trying to pick a fight/With everyone you need

6. It's Amazing -- Jem

trust your instincts and most importantly/you've got nothing to lose/just go for it/it's amazing/it's amazing/all that you can do

7. Keep on Walking -- Jem

God give me strength/to keep on walking

8. Got it Good -- Jem

Got a soul, got a mind, got a heart that beats in time /You've got a smile, got a voice, got the gift of love /You've got it good, don't forget how lucky you are /Darling, darling /Use it to connect with everyone

9. Bottle it Up -- Sara Bareilles

I don't claim to know much except soon as you start/To make room for the parts/That aren't you it gets harder to bloom in a garden of/Love

* Everybody Got Their Something -- Nikki Costa

 Everybody got their something/Make you smile like an itty bitty child

* Suddenly I See -- KT Tunstall

Suddenly I see/This is what I wanna be/Suddenly I see/Why the hell it means so much to me


(the last two wouldn't work in the player, so are direct links.)

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