{journal-making fun}

How long has it taken me to start this? *laughs* The journal I'm using for this series is actually for darling Beth, one of my long-time readers and friends (who heartily supports me and makes me feel like a "real artist" sometimes, even though she doesn't know it; the smallest things can have huge impacts!).

Days here haven't provided very good light, so I've had to put-off making vids until I can get a sunny day! Unfortunatly, today I am booked until 5 or so, and by then, the sun's gone down. I'll try filiming with the overhead light on, though, just for you!

Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback on the last post. I adore your honesty in telling me things that may be hard to hear. I LOVE having others there to give me different perspectives, and I may be changing things. And doing rounded corners -- they won! Tomorrow, I'm working on the journal pages sets, as well as a new look and logo (and hopefully moving the blog up to the main domain) for the blog, along with some more new features. I've neglected things here for too long!

Anyway, vid time! I'm off to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time....wish me luck? *nervous!*

I've created a playlist on YouTube you can follow to get a "class" of journal-making fun...and all for free! There's also time to order a journal or two before the holidays!