reader's voice: advice! and a new video coming soon!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="a journal page in progress; taken with my camera phone"]IMG00019-20090329-2048[/caption] I need some advice! I just emailed the currator for an "art crawl," where artists from around the county basically do their thing on the streets of one of the nice local mainstreat towns around here as well as sell work. I didn't even think -- just did. And now, I need to tell him what I'll be showcasing/demonstrating. I know what I'm going to do. More than anything. As soon as I saw this opertunity, my soul shouted YES! so loud, I almost got knocked out of my chair. I'm going to grab a journal, my basket of supplies, plunk down, and just art journal for four hours. While people watch. Maybe do a painting....the new girls I've been doing would be perfect since I can finish in that time frame. Fears have risen: what if I'm considered not "good" enough compared to the others? (pish. I'm just different!) or if no one stops to watch (you're still having fun!). I need some advice on how to SAY what I do. If you were describing my stuff to a friend, what would you say? Mixed-media journal artist? Mixed-media illustration? Altered book? I'm partly using this post to procrastinate answering him...I need time and a little input. AND! I just finished filming the raw video for a new vid! I spent the day downloading and configuring programs for capture and editing, and was so excited, I ran upstairs and started on one. I admit to not being perfect in it, and just experimenting and such -- would this turn you off? Knowing the teacher is still learning as well? Do you want your teacher/vid person to ABSOLUTELY know what they're doing? Or is it okay that we're playing in a journal together, like friends? I'd think this would make you more comfortable to explore and make mistakes, right? I have to get to bed, but tomorrow afternoon, I'm spending it editing, editing, editing (and painting, of course!). Let me know! love, kira