{vid: dynamic watercolor backgrounds & ink girl drawings 2/3}

It took a lot of work to get this part out. I wanted to fix the compression process that made the last part so tiny, since you'd be watching me demonstrating things rather than blather. So, I edited it out and have spent the last three days sending emails, reading forums, and saving many, many copies. And then, I found out the program I liked was available for free, so I re-edited the whole thing, saved it, and voila! Since I now have the program I like, I can record directly to it and with better quality. The final part's going to be like this one, since I recorded it a few weeks ago, but future videos will be like the ones before. Remember! I'll be at the Antioch Art Crawl tomorrow from 10-3pm demonstrating mixed-media painting and journaling techniques in Antioch, Il. So if you live in the area, come say hi! I'll have a few journals and paintings available for sale as well. love, kira