{ planning, moving, blooming, creating }

Sorry about spazzing out on y'all! I'll post into Saturday to make up for missing yesterday!


Things are changing here in KiraLand. Rooms are being sorted down into boxes, garbage bags, and sale piles, plans are being made, books are being collected. My studio is no exception; I’m down to the bare minimum when it comes to supplies, many things being sold off (anything not used for the last 6 months), the rest now in plastic storage containers or re-purposed boxes from work. The only thing about planning a move is the planning part -- I want to be finished! There! Scoping out storefronts for my new used-bookstore/cafe/art shop! Finding bookcases and filling them with decades of books, ordering art journal supplies wholesale, teaching classes, hosting poetry & prose nights. We’ve been brainstorming names; my favorite so far is ‘Book Friends.’ I giggle with delight when I think about the layout of our store, the possibilities waiting there. I just hope there are art journalers out there in New Mexico! *waves* I’m so restless....straddling two worlds -- the one I know, and the one I’m going to create. Yes, my finances are a mess, and starting a business is hard work, but when the idea was suggested by my mother, I felt this blossoming in my chest -- this whisper -- “This is what you’re supposed to do next.” With such a change on the horizon, my creativity has been charged -- and far-reaching. I’ve been working on a new summer workshop, planning out and writing lessons, drafting up video companions when necessary. I still don’t know how I’ll be teaching -- many people use blogs these days? Is that better than a mailing list? Any suggestions from those who have taken online classes would be great, as I haven’t taken any myself.


* you can see some of the lesson topics, there! A few weeks ago, Kelly Kilmer did a great post on the pens she uses, and I was captivated by the Pilot Latte pens. Ooo! Such great colors and the ink is fantastic -- works on dark paper, plastics, and, well, normally! The colors are amazing, fun, bright! And you can’t help but smile when you look at them! Heee! And an added bonus -- I found refills for my mechanical pencil I bought over in Japan a few years ago. Until now, I’ve either carried a separate eraser or cut one down with a craft knife....can’t tell you how happy I was to see JetPen carried the refills. Heck, I didn’t even know they existed!


Tomorrow, I’ll show you the stamps I’ve carved for myself. I totally got into that and can’t wait to share ‘em and my process. They’re a delight to use in my journal! love, kira