{lots of link *love*!}

A bunch of small thoughts/bullet points for a lazy, beautiful Sunday afternoon: + check out these videos by the wonderfully talented Amanda Hawkins. i first found her via diyplanner - she designed some awesome templates - and have been following her ever since. while you're wandering, she's just posted a killer square bag tutorial. + Erin has been doing a journal page a day since turning 30. they're amazing, wonderful, colorful, and reflective. + i am in love with elsie and everything she does. from her cute handwriting to, well, darn cute girls, she infuses whimsy, color, and a vintage feel into all her work. + danielle makes me wish i had blythe dolls. i guess i will have to do with sketching girls from her awe-inspiring photographs. + am still painting up a storm. also, have more journal pages painted than written on; with my mini-vacation this week, i hope to fill them all!