{welcome to a brand new day!}

6" x 3" mixed-media on canvas. available.

Welcome to the brand-spakin'-new A Girl & Her Journal!

After being introduced to the wonder that is Squarespace, I decided to do a complete redesign and relaunch of the blog. It feels only fitting since I'm posting more and have tons of great new content to throw your way. Now, you can not only post comments, but participate in discussions via the new Forums; ask questions, show off new pages, or just chat about journaling someplace where others can give input.

Why? Because I get many emails asking the same questions! Now, you can post there and get your answers where others may benefit. And I can make little announcements and such without doing a complete blog post!

What else is new? There is now a downloads area where you can save the latest videos directly to your computer! This is another thing I've been asked about -- what if you want to follow a tutorial more closely, or make it bigger? Now, you can get a copy for yourself!

In the coming weeks, I'll be adding other new features just for you! More fun stuff is to come, I promise, starting with a new video tomorrow! I can't wait to share this with you, as it's the first tutorial video I've made with my new video camera! There are zooms and easier POVs for you to really see what's going on. Now that it's easier to film, I anticipate many more to come.

And soon, I'll be releasing the first of a collection of journal pages! A brand-new 'zine giving you high-quality images of yummy journal goodness plus essays on creativity and journaling. How fun is that?

So stick around! There are good things on the horizon!

(and please note -- because of the new system, blog.journalgirl.com will ALWAYS be the mirror for the site -- whether there's a redirect from the main page or not! you will also need to update any subscriptions.)

love, kira