{the black friday workshop sale!}

Have you wanted to take one of this year’s workshops but could never find the funds? Looking to give yourself a little pre-holiday present? Check out the Shoppe where you can purchase these now-self-paced workshops for 50% off! This special will close at midnight EST, so grab them while you can!

And here’s a SPECIAL, Black Friday thru Cyber Monday deal! It’s called:

2011 Workshop Ticket

What does that mean? It means with this one purchase, you’ll have access to EVERY WORKSHOP throughout 2011!

Not only that, but I’ll be offering all my workshop videos on DVD - you’ll be sent a DVD with all the workshop videos AUTOMATICALLY before the workshop opens to everyone! And no worries about PDFs...as part of this Workshop Ticket, you’ll get a bound copy of the workbook.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Kira, this is great, but what workshops will you be teaching?

Here’s what’s on the plate for January - August:

Through the Lens: Start the year off learning all there is to know about creating rich video content for the internet or your own workshops. I’ll be taking you on a journey that starts with the basics on equipment, sound, lighting, film theory, editing, all the way to posting your work online. I hold a BA in Television Production and have worked as a freelance video editor for three years. Let me show you how it’s done - and no, you won’t need an expensive cameras for this! I started creating content for YouTube using the webcam built into my MacBook.

Button Journal Workshop: You’ll see these journals up in my Etsy shop tomorrow. But what if you want to make your own? This project-based workshop will take you through all the steps required to craft your own beautiful journal.

Yet-Unnamed-Journaling-Course: This one’s still in the planning stages, but I can tell you, the samples are stunning! Use abstract art to interpret and explore the living world around you. From basic figures to plants to places, we’ll be opening your eyes to a new way of seeing and show you an amazing new way to approach painting and collage in your journal.

Running Loose on Canvas (expanded): Like the short course created for 21 Secrets? Wish it showed more? Take a journey with me to create stunning art journal pages on loose canvas and explore all this medium has to offer. We’ll construct canvas journals and play with techniques you can use to take your journaling further.

Do any or all of those sound fun to you? Now think about how much you’d have to spend to take all four at the basic level:

Through the Lens: $65
Button Journal: $20
Journaling Course: $45
Canvas: $45

Total: $175 (and that isn’t counting whatever I come up with next!)

Or, grab the 2011 Workshop Ticket for only $90!!

That’s a HUGE savings!

I’m only offering 15 of these, so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Treat yourself to a year of creative, inspiring workshops designed to take your artistic expression further! Grab yours here!

And check back tomorrow for all the juicy journals and art prints and original art I’ll be putting up in my Etsy shop!