{samie kira's massive big reflection & year-end post}

 While looking through my archives to grab journal pages from this year, I came upon this journal page, done for an early Points of Two. Reading through it, I realized I'd accomplished everything on this list, even though I'd forgotten about it.


Become more confident as a woman

I used to see myself as a child. Or not quite a child, but not a Grown Up as I’d seen them. I could never understand how girls younger than me could project more maturity than me, with their perfect outfits, hairstyles, and purses.

I learned that I don’t necessarily want that. I love the child-like qualities I have, and have learned that even though I love t-shirts and jeans, and carry a cross-body bag, that I’m seen as a woman, not a girl.

Teach classes

This year marked my first in-person classes, as well as several successful online classes, a feat I’d never accomplished before. I took the time to iron out the kinks and prepare myself. Remember 8th grade? How afraid of high school you were because of how different it would be? I finally walked through those doors, got lost a bit, but finally fell into a routine that worked best for me and my students.

I hope I improve on this in the coming year. I already have one workshop written and another project-based mini-class outlined. And that’s just for January.

Create more things

I always worried that my only artwork would be journal pages. Not only have I created paintings, but I’ve gotten bolder in my approach, going to bigger and bigger canvases. And I’ve even branched off into quilting and fabric arts. As for journal pages? I’m pretty even between journal-related art and those “more things.”

Redefine my style/art

The month before my move to Arizona was a difficult time for me, creativity-wise, and I can only liken it to a rebirth of myself. It was only after I arrived here and saw the stirrings of a new, deeper style in my art that I fully recognized the enormity of what had happened to me. I cried a lot, talked to friends, and shut myself away only to become that butterfly. I am now creatively charged in a way I have never felt before, and am compelled to create all the time, even if it isn’t something I’ll use. I’m experimenting and playing and more confident. And it all have to happen naturally. You can’t force these things.

Write more

Can we just say, “See December’s posts?” for this one? #Reverb10 has given me my faith in writing back.

Reconnect with friends I’ve missed

My best friend Jun was one of those friends, along with her twin sister. I also met up with a close friend from high school and her girlfriend (and am always happy when I see them together...they have that rare, magic love!), saw off another long-time friend, and started using Facebook more to get in contact with family now scattered across the country.

Eat healthy and lose some weight

In November, I decided to give up High Fructose Corn Syrup. It was just something I knew I had to do, and when people ask me why, I say my body made the decision. While I may have ice cream once and awhile, my daily food intake doesn’t have ANY in it. I now read the labels of the foods I buy more carefully, and shop in the natural section more often. I drink iced tea and water.

I was also able to fit into jeans I haven’t been able to wear in nearly four years because of a balanced diet, more walking, and bike riding.

Finish all this SSI stuff

Well, that didn’t have a great end, but I now know what I did wrong and have faith I’ll succeed this year.


A Year In Journal Pages

January - I had just gotten my Yudu and was experimenting with combining paper collage with screenprinted elements. This still remains one of my favorite pieces.

February - My first use of a die-cut as a stencil, as well as the new way I was collaging; smaller pieces from different kinds of papers all glued down together, randomly.

March - I kinda rebelled and went with those same small bits of paper, but in a less-concentrated manor. And I was totally rockin' the ink writing again.

April - some fun whispy stuff going on here!

May - Stencilry and paper sewn onto the page. A love affair I'd never tire of!

June - Doodles came into the picture. I missed drawing at this point, I think!

July - Where I began to see the change in my art. Inspired by Hope, I added little bits with tape that hid secrets. And I started using stamps because of CHA at the end of the month!

August - I got my Copic airbrush. XD

September - Working in the journal I made post CHA, I decided to challenge myself to making a page with ink, only. I love the colors in this page, the stamps, and the eyelets, if you can believe that!

October - The page on the right was made first, and the one on the left was completely out of the blue...and I knew I'd found something special!

November - Photos became a big part of my explorations out in the desert, and I knew I had to figure out how to incorporate them as well as keep doing the art I love. Messy and busy, but lovely!

December - I no longer finish a page in a single sitting. I think this one has grabbed stuff throughout the entire month, yet I know there's more to be done.


More to come:


A video production class for crafters, journalers, and creatives, geared towards those who don't know where to begin. The PDF is already 25 pages, and I haven't even started the editing chapter yet!

Articles in Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging, & Art Journaling. That's three! In just the first part of the year. Also, a possible in another magazine!

My Etsy shop will be re-opening next week with kits, journal-making supplies, journals, prints, and much more!

More steady blog posts, how-tos, and Tuesday videos are coming back!

Dina's mixed-media meetup in Phoenix!

And much more...2011, you're mine (but I can share)!


Finally, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads or leaves comments or says hi to me on twitter or takes a class (or two!) or buys from my Etsy shop. I may be doing the work, but YOU are helping create my dream life, and I am thankful you are here to lay witness to all I hope to accomplish.