{Points of Two week #6: to-do lists! & WISH workshop preview video}

Points of Two is an experiment in journaling with myself and Roben Marie! Check out our archives to see the previous weeks' pages.

This week's assignment: since Roben-Marie and I are so busy and like lists, we incorporated our To-Do lists into our journal page. Which we did fast. And then crossed it off and moved on! It's a busy time for both of us!

week 6: to-do lists!


I've been having fun with a new evolution of my style, more paint and collage. I'm going from complete mess to structured mess. I swear, it's the scrapbookers. They're slowly moving me to their side!

I have one of those Moleskine planners with a page for every day, and on Saturdays, I write in everything I need to get accomplished the next week. The key to me actually getting a lot done is micro-movements; each task is split into bite-sized pieces that I can do without getting overstimulated or tired. Thanks, SARK!

So I put a copy of my to-do list in the center and collaged around it. And colored in my doodles. And admitted I like crossing things off. Look, I'm crossing off posting this blog entry off today's list. See? Smooth line right there. Ahhh...makes me feel so productive!

I used liquid acrylics, found papers, stencils, and watercolor crayons. Oh, and a big Sharpie, cause it's fun!

Here's Roben-Marie's page. Head to her blog to get the story behind it.


I've also read your comments for yesterday's post -- I didn't get them emailed to me for some reason, and had no idea so many people had commented! I'll reply asap. But I thank you for them!

So, as requested, a preview video for the WISH Journal Workshop.


I'm off! Have a wonderful weekend!