{The shop is now OPEN!}

hanging charms

My new etsy shop is now open, and I'm really excited to be presenting these handmade goods to you!

[ Journalgirl's Etsy Shop ]

I'm really proud of my shop and myself. With this new venture, I approached it differently -- I created a worksheet to write down dimentions and prices and postal weights. I printed out postal rate tables and photo galleries and organized everything in a file folder (screenprinted with my logo, naturally!).

outdoor photo shoot

My dad and I photographed paintings on the lawn. We set up a little background staging and worked in the front bay window. He took the serious shots, I took the artsy shots. And I have to say, he's a fantastic photographer! I guess 30 years of doing photos and layouts for cataloges really paid off...and helped me!

Oh, I'm sorry! Did you want to see a video of all the cool journals and such I made?

I can't wait to work on new things for not only this Etsy shop, but my publications. I have a collage book I'll be unveiling tomorrow -- available as a digital download OR printed and wire-bound book -- as well as the first issue of Hodgepodge that'll be out at the beginning of June. Not to mention articles for magazines and other projects.

glowing journal

This was a huge undertaking for me, and I really threw myself into it. I watched videos from Etsy Labs. I visited blogs for packaging tips. I staged sets for items. I really wanted to do my best with all this, and feel so light and happy that I'm FINALLY able to put it all into the world.

I am free to do more! And create more! And share with you!

I am hoping some of the paintings can find homes before I move; they do not have room on the truck and may be left behind!

Now finished uploading, I'm off to play in the studio and take a nice walk in nature.