Sorry, sorry!

On Wednesday, I got a horrible pain in my neck that had me sobbing. Ever since then, I've been on some pretty heavy-duty stuff (I know I watched some of my Fringe DVDs, but don't really remember....). Yesterday was my first day out, and a run to the library and store had me really, really weak.

I'm feeling better today, but am limiting my computer time since we feel this set up I have with the desktop is part of what happened. Unfortunatly, my laptop is so old, it doesn't really work as a laptop anymore, and the netbook's too small for most of what I do. I'm waiting on my brother converting a nice Gateway to a Hackintosh, and then transfering data....hopefully, I'll be back for reals tomorrow.

Before all this happened, I finished 2 paintings, and am just finishing a third. And have journal pages! Well, one's kinda weird because it was while I was on the drugs, but hey -- that's a journal page in itself!

:D kira