This is the most freeing thing I've ever done artistically.

I was wandering around the internet this weekend and became inspired by larger pieces -- and realized I'd never really DONE a larger piece. My work has been small, as I'm most comfortable working in journals. I know where things go. I know placement. I know drawings. And while I've slowly gone bigger and bigger, there's been one canvas that's remained relatively untouched in my studio.

The really big one.

My younger brother bought it for me for my birthday three years ago. For my first year in the studio, whenever I had leftover paint from journaling, I'd spread it on this giant canvas so as to not waste anything. And then it went behind a table and wasn't seen again.

But I've always wanted to work on the wall. To spread paint and let it drip onto the floor. To create large, sweeping motions.

So I did. I hung this on the wall and have been working on it every day. I know what I'm saying with it -- I've been seriously dealing with faith and spirituality, in finding the strength to continue on this path despite all the setbacks or tiny bank account. To follow my heart instead of what society says I should do. I'm pouring all this out onto this giant canvas, and the drawing in the middle, of the girl, is seriously one of the best I've ever done.

I've been afraid of "ruining" it. But then I said hell with it -- I can always get another canvas! (except not this month, as I'm not buying ANY new supplies all April. maybe i'll put a piece of poster board on the wall when i'm finished and moving on to my next big painting!)

Working on this has been the most freeing, amazing, best artistic experience. I laugh and giggle and just GO. I just....there have been so many things happening in my life lately, more spiritually and in my soul, that I am overwhelmed and humbled and can't get things out fast enough!

on the wall - 1

on the wall - 2

on the wall - 3

on the wall - 4

on the wall - 4

on the wall - 5