{new art journaling class: true to you, organic explorations for the visual journal}

Here it is, the class I've been talking about for the last few weeks. I'm really excited to be presenting this one to you -- I've poured a LOT into it, trying to create a complete class experiance that will really get you thinking about how you approach you journal while guiding you to a more authentic creative life.



The Story Behind It

When I began journaling, I never knew what to journal about. I crawled the internet for ideas, searching through the few blogs out there devoted to visual journaling. While my early pages were cluttered with drawings and stories of what I’d done that day, I was enamored with the beauty of art journals.

But what to journal about? I could create pages I loved, but they would simply be that -- pretty pages. I saw artists with imagery, speak about Symbolic Alphabets and know what they were saying with the images, but I couldn’t figure it all out. How do you know what to journal about? And how can those pages help you find a more authentic self?


What This Class Is

One of the things I’ve noticed is that people are always searching for prompts -- they are looking for inspiration through ideas others have come up with, and journal about memories and thoughts outside what is going on in the here and now.

I have a different philosophy when it comes to journal content:

It should be authentic and true to you where you are in your life at this moment.

Journaling is about finding your deepest self, celebrating the magic of everyday moments, and bringing joy and serenity through art. It is a practice that has changed my life and how I view it -- brought me from a darker place to a girl living in the silver lining.

There is so much out there waiting for you to capture. Waiting for you to discover your own internal power and magic. This class hopes to show you all the different ways you can journal your life authentically, not looking outside for prompts, but discovery the rich material you already have. It is there, waiting to be discovered. 


examples of what you'll be learning!


What This Includes

This class is structured into 6 chapters, one for each week.

Each chapter begins with an essay, a story from my life experience that outlines the method being presented and how I’ve applied it in my life and journaling. Then, there is a discussion on how you can use the method in your life, giving you pointers on ideas and brainstorming and even resources to help you out! Finally, each chapter ends with ways you can take the idea further -- homework, if you will, that can be completed during that week or over the duration of the course.

The ultimate goal, however, is that you learn to integrate these ideas into your daily, artful life.

It doesn’t stop there! With each chapter comes a video demonstrating a related technique to use in your journal. Learn how to create a dreamy collage, or write with inks and paint, or scrapbook a bit, mixed-media style!

In addition, you’ll have me at your beck and call on the message boards, ready to take your questions and guide you through your blocks. Little essays will dot the boards as well, additions and ideas for you to think on.

All this material is provided up-front. This means you can do a chapter a week, a chapter a month, or three in one week. Fit it into your life. Perhaps chapter four speaks to you right now -- start there! These lessons can be used however you’d like.

The Lessons

Here’s what the lessons cover:

  • Taking a Walk
  • Reflecting on Your Day
  • Chronicle Big Events
  • Use Word Lists
  • Playing with Song Lyrics/Poetry
  • Journal Significants

All designed to help you find all that amazing material already around you every day. By journaling about those things found in the moment, you begin to discover new, hidden depths in yourself and your life.

more samples of what you'll be learning!

Who This Class is For

This is a class for those searching for an authentic journaling experience. Those looking to learn new techniques to use in their journals, new ways to work with paint and collage and those little things you collect while moving through life. It will help you find so much to journal about, you’ll never go to your journal with a blank mind again. It’s for those who want to engage in a working dialogue with their deeper selves. It is for those looking to take their journaling to a new level, one where you are the focus.

This class is a collection of what I’ve learned from myself or others, tips and techniques that have brought me to a place where I am not afraid to branch out and try something new because it is all part of me.


Won’t you join me?

This class costs $38 for access to all the materials for as long as you need to take it. You can register at any time -- early or two months after, it doesn’t matter.

This class is being hosted by the Art Journaling Ning group; you will need to create a membership over there and send me your username so I can give you access to the group. And voila!

Starting June 1st, we’ll have a ton of fun!


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