{an end, a beginning, and class help}

I've gotten a bunch of sign ups for my newest class, and there have been questions. XD Let me help you out!

To enroll, you need to go Artjournaling.ning.com and ask to join the Class Group.

Since I've requested you submit your username with your payment, I'll have a record of you so I can say yes! If you didn't give me a username with your payment, leave me a comment or send a message.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much! I'm a perfectionist, so in laying out the PDF file for the class, I'm printing copies, finding mistakes, and fiddling. I should probably just let it be, but some part of me enjoys creating professional-looking documents for you all! That, and I'm editing video. All the raw material's done, I just need to make it pretty!


On Monday, I allowed myself some art time outside of class and Points of Two, and finished the girl with the wings.

I'm really happy with how she came out. The mistake I made last week actually allowed me to approach her in a new way -- I was forced to think around the "mistake" I made, and ended up creating luminescent wings (by mixing Interference Violet in with the color) that shine when you walk in the room. My love of large canvases continues.

Sometimes, you just need to go and do it. Forget about fear, or not being able to fill the entire canvas -- just grab one with a coupon from Michael's and start painting. I've found focusing on smaller parts at a time helps fill the white space edge to edge.

Then, I draw a girl. The girl is always me, a reflection of how I'm feeling. What I need to do. What I'm looking to achieve. Whatever spiritual or mental problem I'm working through. These girls are me. They are you. They are every one of us who feels and lives in the moment.

smaller pretty in progress

Here's the board I picked up at the Habitat for Humanity resale store. I'm pretty sure these are used suspended between poles to make movable places to stand -- the other side is full of foot marks, and the edge it all marked up -- but I thought this was a perfect size to work on for a new idea I got. The top and bottom have metal edges, and I love the feel of found art.

Hard to believe, but this has about five or six layers so far. I'm trying to find a sand paper that gets through the top ones so I can show the color underneath. It's a lot of experimentation. So I'm scraping and scratching and painting wildly. I'm so excited to see how this turns out! I'm treating it as a giant journal page, so anything can happen!