{playing with ATCs...}

A few weeks ago, I noticed they sell ATC-sized papers in little packets for $1.99. Okay, I didn't just notice them a few weeks ago, but it was then that I was tempted to buy some and try this tiny format out. I had done some ATCs years and years ago (seen here and here), and while I enjoyed making them, I was still finding my collaging-self.

But, being adventurous, I cut down some blanks from left-over poster board and began playing. And I have to say, it's been a lot of fun. Here's some in-progress shots and the completed cards. Anyone up for trades? I've wanted to write letters, by hand, to unseen pen-pals, and figure this would be a fun way to do so!




PS. About tomorrow's live vlog -- please watch my Twitter stream for updates. I have to take my laptop apart to fix a problem, so am not sure it's 100% going to happen. YAY technology! [/sarcasm]