{vlog tuesday: when trolls attack}

Yup. It was exactly what that title implies. The kiddies are out of school, and several of them came over to today's vlog to spread around their message of immaturity and the need for nudity (not to mention one's apparent hate of people who are not supermodel thin). I had to actually stop broadcasting for a bit to figure out how to ban people and create a moderator (or three) to keep up with the endless chatter.

Once that was figured out, we had a good time. Thank you, girls, for defending me as I tried to figure things out, and having my back. I usually can keep poise when such things happen, but this was just too much! And amusing, actually....their comments showed much more about them than they probably thought!

Because of that, there's no recording from this week's vlog. It just kept having errors and issues. Now that the moderators are in place, I'm sure things will be back to normal next week.

There are a few things in the works, though, due to discussions from today's session! I'll have more on all those tomorrow!

<3, kira