{a super big announcement -- a new series of journaling goodness}


Ever since I created Page by Page, I’ve been itching to create another ‘zine. Or book. Or e-book. Creating a story in the pages of a book fascinates me, and allows one to take all this stuff — this miasma of our lives — and put it into a cohesive statement. An e-book, like a journal, can tell a story.

So here’s my story, told in 4 parts — my ups and downs, my photos and outings and friends and frustrations. My family and loves and hates. My stories and thoughts and essays. My struggles and triumphs. It is a book of courage and strength and yes, a few pity parties.

I’m not editing journal pages or keeping anything back. I’m creating a story that many girls (and some boys!) have lived through, are starting or finishing. I’m putting something out there that says, “You are not alone.” Your struggles don’t need to be hidden. They are not weaknesses. Your emotions and thoughts and experiences are universal symptoms of the human condition.

Reading Spilling Open or Ordinary Sparkling Moments reminds me that I’m not the only person going through troubles. And I’m not the only one who dances with joy when serendipity happens. I want to help give hope to all those out there with no art experience that you, too, are an artist. Can create and paint and draw. That you don’t need to go to school for it. Yes, you need to read a lot and go to museums and do research and email your idols (most will answer, trust me). But more than that: you are worthy.

More than that, I want to help you along the way. So I’m including essays on my creative journey, going from a girl who didn’t think she had an artistic bone in her body to a woman who is a self-empowered writer and artist living the dream. A cynical girl who now lives in silver linings.

Included will be chapters and exercises from my various online workshops, peppered throughout like tiny presents.

A big reason for doing this are my Fibro sisters and brothers. Through sharing my experiences, I’ve met so many others living with chronic illnesses, and I want to give them gentle hugs. I want them to see they’re not alone. That life can be a celebration with flare-ups in between. And, to cast a wider net — to all those living with a dis-ease of any kind who use it to define themselves and limit their lives. Many of the journals deal with my own emergence from depression to elation (and yes, I still have bad days!).

Instead of running around trying to get a book deal (did that once, may do it again), I’m releasing this peg-board of my brain in a 4-part series of e-books that will, at the end, be collected into one big book.

I will release one issue a month — August through November — and the final book will be available just in time for the holidays. If you purchase all four e-books, you’ll receive a coupon for the hardcover. And pre-ordering each issue saves you $2.

EDIT: I was really excited. Let me add this info!

Each issue will be at least 50 pages or so of yummy goodness. Because of this larger page count, a final copy will be expensive through self-publishing ($65 as a softcover); the coupon will eliminate my share, leaving only production costs should you like it all printed out. Once I see how many people are interested, though, I may seek out an independent printer to do a set run, which would save everyone money in the long run -- these usually are cheaper through quantity, so, as I said -- it's slated for Blurb ATM, but may change.

Issue #1 is coming out August 4th, 2010. You can pre-order your copy for $5.95. After August 4th, the e-book will go to it's normal price, $7.95. Click here to pre-order.

What other changes are coming?

I just finished a big project for Stampington that you should be able to see soon. I can’t believe I was asked to contribute, and pinch myself every day. I also have done two pieces for Somerset Studio and will be working with Roben-Marie on a piece for the next Art Journaling.

I’m back to making videos for YouTube and will be starting a video series over there (details coming soon!).

The blog is going under a major remodel. I want to make it more than just a blog, but my website, with a portfolio, online class listing, books and ‘zines, as well as an area for those seeking advice. I receive many emails a month asking for help, for advice, for encouragement and a hand. So I’m going to begin working with people to help them begin journaling as well as discover their inner light.

There are so many more ideas floating around in my head, wanting to become real. I need to focus on a few at a time, or else I’ll be lost in the clouds forever.